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News: External Flash

I came across your tutorial on external flash I could not get enough of it. I bought one and had no idea how to work it. Your tutorial did teach me a lot, you seem to explain it in detail. You made it sound a lot easier than it is.I am looking forward to more videos in the future to learn more about my camera and the fllash. My husband bought me a Canon Rebel a couple years ago and created a monster. I am an artist love to draw and it seems to show in my pictures.

News: Long Exposure Photography Tutorial/Timelapse for Beginners-Disney Concert Hall

Hello everyone, We decided to add another short video on some basic Timelapsing and long exposure shots. This video is meant more for demonstrating camera setting equipment usage. However, we will provide this brief description: Remote triggers are used to communicate with your cameras shutter, which tells the camera to fire off shots in 1sec to 30min or more intervals. Be sure to subscribe as we have more video's coming for our "Basic Photography Tutorials" webisode series. Wishing you all t...

News: Photography for Beginners

Learn professional photography by starting at the beginning. In this series of tutorials you will learn the technical aspect as well as the artistic side of photography - you'll be taking GREAT images in no time at all. With simple to follow instruction mixed with some basic camera techniques, composition and lighting, you'll be on your way to becoming a professional photographer or strobist!

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